Doc and TV Film Festival
Won Together

Address to participants and spectators

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world. It compels us to change our lifestyle, to limit communication with friends and colleagues; to change the way we conduct business. The pandemic forced to change the dates of our festival, which is traditionally held in May. The XVI Sevastopol International Documentary and Television Films Festival “WON TOGETHER” will be held in the hero city of Sevastopol in late August - early September, regardless of the circumstances. This year hit the record for the international geography of participants. Besides Russia, authors from 45 countries submit their work to participate in the competition.
Circumstances force us to use new online communication formats to connect with the audience. The festival is still moving along and we as always, speak to the audience with the language of documentary films.

On May 5, in Sevastopol STV channel introduces a screening of the best 75 films that have won festival awards since the inception. Vivid pictures of heroism, courage and stamina that led to victory in this terrible war were also available for viewing on the Festival website, the First National TV Channel (Moscow), Tonus TV channel, international channels BAC TV (Armenia) and TVN (Estonia), in social networks such as Facebook and VK.

We will make every effort so that 2020, the year of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, will go down in the history of cinema with a unique film that will not be erased by a pandemic or time. We are sure that these films will find their audience and ways to the hearts and minds. We are pleased to be part of the international community of documentaries who stand on the positions of historical truth and uphold it in their work.

We thank all the authors who submit their work, and all of you, who attend the festival events and shows and look forward to watching them. Because of them, we have the opportunity to be inspired by the way they explored the world in which we live and transmit to us breathtaking images and sparkling thoughts.

We express our gratitude to both, participants and spectators, for your trust and look forward to our meeting at the XVI Sevastopol international festival of documentaries and television programs «WON TOGETHER».



Won Together Doc and TV Film Festival takes place in Sevastopol, on the Black Sea coast, mid May. In 2020 we are approaching our XVI edition. During 16 years since its foundation the Festival turned from a very small and local to international event, year by year involving more filmmakers and significantly widening its geography.

The Festival is held by EATR (Eurasian Academy of TV&Radio) and supported by Ministry of Culture.

President of the Festival — Vladimir MENSHOV,  People's Artist of Russia, OSCAR Prize 1981.



The Festival has very deep historical roots and one part of its program “Memory” is traditionally devoted to historical films, another one “Reflection” zooms in
contemporary subjects.

We are very keen to explore the live topics for people today throughout the world – their worries, problems, exploits, good deeds and the ways people choose in solving their tasks. That is especially interesting as a comparison in time perspective – people, issues and values of generations – then and now – differences and commons. As well we always appreciate stories on culture, sport, achievements, overcoming, environment and other live topics.

We are very welcoming everybody who shares our interest to these issues to participate in the Festival and become our friend.



Won Together acts today in support of international professional cooperation in cinematography and TV and for the benefit of Documentary and TV films.



Won Together is a festival initially founded by Sevastopol veterans in memory of common international exploit at World War II.

For its long history (16 years) it performed a huge amount of films on historical, analytical and cultural issues, connected a number of professionals from all over the world and, within the time, transformed of course to become contemporary and notable event of nowadays.

Even though a part of the Festival program is traditionally devoted to historical events, an accent of other part of films is focused on today’s life, people in today’s world with their tasks and problems to solve, people who even in hard circumstances tend still to make life beautiful – as they understand it, as they can do it despite all challenges and obstacles.




DOC International Competition

  • MEMORY (documentaries on WW II and related topics)
  • REFLECTION (documentaries on contemporary issues – the reflection of
    nowadays, international and personal agenda, best people, human choice and deed, overcoming, beneficence etc.)
  • Film Schools Competition (Docs by students and graduated ones)


TV Competition (TV-channels and studios)

  • DOC Film
  • Report
  • Series DOC
  • Portrait
  • TV-program


Non-Competition and Special Programs

  • Eurasian Panorama of documentary films «The Pulse of Eurasia»
  • Non-competition feature film program
  • Special Events (workshops, presentations, discussions)


*Festival 2020 receives documentaries completed by 2019-2020.

Entry Deadline:  March 20, 2020



Valery Ruzin

General Producer

Lina Bogatyr

Executive Director

Ludmila Bakeeva

International Projects Director

Yana Konofalskaya

Program Director

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